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the link was suddenly clear to me: there were no children roaming in the wilderness. Gone was the unintended fall over the bottomless cliff. The fangs of unsuspected snakes were now made of vinyl and hopefully tinted red minus the Chinese lead. A dim memory of wild beasts lurking. Beast lurk. No broken limbs, no uncontrolled infections, no fevers. 

The confinement of the parental units plus offspring within the walls of a 25-year-old apartment that once in a while smells like fecal stuff and unnamed ghosts, completely uncontrolled by any natural culling tools, resulted in the discovery of the switch.  The child who once was tamed by his external (much larger) environment, now is tamed by the hand of a single parental unit.

Pathetic. Primitive. Arrested.

Yup, one ought to arrest them