My love affair with a couple of verses

Posted: November 15, 2010 in Uncategorized

I had fallen for the writings. On my way to the laundromat a couple of notebook sheets flew right into my knee. Grossed out at the possibility of infinitely contagious air-borne diseases I shook my leg. The wind blew the damned think further into my pant leg. Like glue. I had to pick it off my pants while balancing the basked with the other hand. Unable to throw it back into the wind due to non-littering principles I held the sheets with two disgusted fingers. I hope I dont have an open cut. A broken skin patch that has gone until now unrecognized. A portal into my mortality. Forever open,. Forever waiting for my early demise. I laugh a little. Early by now is questionable. How early is early. I have been waiting for it for about 60 years. consciously more so, some times, sometimes more so than others. So I evade the killer bugs by concentrating on the handles of the basket. Three recesses and 4 protuberances. All there for my fingers to hold onto. Broken skin or not. Reliable plastic of the redder of all red dyes, unmistakable even in the dark. Edges scrubbed cleaner than my soul.


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