the masters of divinity

Posted: August 21, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Rubik's Cube

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I wanted to tell him that divinity was a bunch of baloney because i didn’t think all of the reading in the world could bring you closer to the truth nor the divine. I shut up because he was so happy: he hung his Masters of Divinity on the wall of his office, for all to see. It bothered me the divine being made this mundane, so tightly packed in 90 fucking credit hours, for chrissake!… AND, to go out and lead and teach others about life with the divine. What if he had been a poor student?  A poor student of divinity. Chuckles. Is this worse than a poor student of mathematics?  Maybe it is the same, you can still make change at the grocery store. Or does he really know more about God than the little rotund preacher who cooks noon meals in her kitchen and brings it to the Temple of Creation every Wednesday, sun or shine, to feed the neighbours. Dopers, pimps or Jezebels, she feeds them  without thought to the next meal.  Now she is fundraising among the poorest of the poor to build a real kitchen where she will cook two meals a day, 7 days a week right there by the Temple of Creation with the poorly drawn globe and the hands holding it up. Thick laborers’ hands.  And feed them she will. No Masters in Divinity for her. She knows her deity and she behaves according to his book of rules.  Rather than indulging herself into a  90 credit hours of musings, of a love affair, she has taken to action. A master she is in my eyes. A master he wants to be for his father and grandfather, who were preachers before him. May God listen to both their prayers as from where I watch them, they hurt equally.


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