thirty words into eternity or the t-bonz lunch

Posted: August 15, 2010 in Uncategorized
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i like buttons. mother of pearl or otherwise. foreign coins. empty wood sewing thread bobbins. i have  a very large one, someone painted one end red and shellacked it. but i still like it. a lot. slippers with upturned toes. the proprioception of my infant children against my chest. i like things that never go way. i like things that happen as if time stood still like yesterday at tbonz a shitt hole of a restaurant that kilie adores because of the fucking quesadillas and the waiter is enormously big and tall and cannot control the blinking on his right eye. so he smiles way down at the four of us in the booth and blink, blink,  blink. kilie asks for the children’s menu because she has failure to thrive on account of having williams syndrome and i open the menu and find out that you have thirty blocks to enter words that can be made up by the letters contained in T-bonz restaurant. it is not alice, that’s for sure, but i tell kilie to find the first word and she giggles and bam, star, then Bob he passes because he can stress over nearly every human activity  even wiping his ass so he doesn’t so our water bill is rally high because he has to shower every time  he shits then Bobbie and he comes up with run , then me and i hold it down to zone and around and around we go. I push the paper towards each one, one at a time and ask the same questions, ok it is your turn and you have to come up with a different word now, that’s just thirty times, minus my turns, when i just say ok it is me now, so what’s thirty times compared to how old the earth and shit are, right? and everyone, even bob gets into the game and we have 30 new words and bob blushes and says butt with a hushed voice so i say breast and he wants to die because his girlfriend is right there with her two breast at the table level. and there are no syndromes, no aches, no sneezing, no alcoholism, no prozac, no panic attacks,, no smelly feet, no dirty pants, no broken nails, only thirty glorious words and an awesome window into the eternal.


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