the pair of us

Posted: August 15, 2010 in Uncategorized
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having decided that i will not bother changing into the so-called regular  people clothing, i have gone to the Calmar store and bought three pairs of pajama pants. they have subtle blues and maroon squares and you can tie them at the belly button. cool, loose, to sell better, one leg is rolled up a few times and held there by a strap that buttons on the outside of the leg. someone thought that this up. all i saw was that they looked like the one pair I have . i have ordered the shirts elsewhere, and i am hoping that i will like them. for someone who is going to be wearing pajamas everywhere, it is really funny how concerned i am about the shirts.  they will come in by ups on Tuesday and i am afraid that they will not be very good-looking, but that’s alright because i have other alternatives.  i used to think that  Sofia dressed oddly.  ODDLY. she would put lace collars around her 60-year-old neck and wore red rubber boots, a silk wrap around her high forehead and i dare not try to remember the skirts. it was pathetic and even more when she said  that sometimes it would take her three whole hours to get dressed. and I’m thinking, fuck me, and you go out like this. she also top her outfit, on the most dramatic days, by coming to the office wearing  her anti bruxism night guard. if was pretty enormous and she would suck the saliva while she talked. the  eyes darting cautiously to see if you were being  judgemental. shit that was way fucking beyond judging,  it was more a matter of respecting the public decomposition of another. in fucking public. and now I decide to wear nothing but pajamas. the funny thing is that Bobbie doesn’t say anything and i am glad but then sometimes I wonder because some people do get annoyed by the idiosyncrasies of the other.   i don’t think he does, as long as I let him go around in very dirty clothes and smelly feet, I think I’m safe to wear my cheap pajamas in public, to the office, to the movies, to the stores and around the house. Never, but never, to bed, of course.


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