the unsuspected restorative

Posted: August 12, 2010 in Uncategorized
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another thing he raised were cardinals. there were cages, big ones. with immaculate sheets of newspaper in the morning and shit smelling old papers in the evening. the smell of bird shit is unmistakable: it is dry and thin, never making you think of dirty ass, but certainly, when smears on your fingers it is just as bad.  the revulsion of it. when he travelled she would watch the birds for him. i remember about 5 critters. noisy and very much in the room. she more said she would watch them, than she watched them. several days would go pay would old papers on the bottom of the cages: the untouched newspapers next to the cage, covered with empty husks of canaryseed and the occasional bird shit splatter.  i eyed the birds from a distance. i didn’t like them and i didn’t dislike them. they were not even interesting to watch because they ate very nervously and never fucked, so what was the point right.  almost two weeks after he had left she started behaving preoccupied: the cardinals had  some kind of a louse and that meant certain death. they were infested, by the time she realized it. so gets  a bucket of water, pours an unmeasured measure of creolin into the bucket and grabs each bird by their feet. they were week and didn’t fight much. so upside they go down  into the creolin water which is white and smells almost delicious. i worry about their eyes but she says they are smart enough to close them. one after the other, cardinal in, wet sock out. she positions them back inside their cages and ask what if they die and she says better to die from creolin than from the lice. i couldn’t see how it could be better to die either way, but that was her problem and of course, the cardinals’ fate.  on the third week he came back and claimed his cages filled with 5 bristling cardinals.  she told him that creolin water was an excellent restorative for birds, didn’t he know. He looked at her like he always did, complete disbelief: my birds don’t need no restorative.


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