a very small rhinefant

Posted: August 10, 2010 in Uncategorized

on that day I was driving a VW beetle of sorts a bit fast for conditions but i knew the road, right so i go without much concern till i realized that yes i have left the road without meaning to and the road turns more into an embankment of a river much like the inexorable slide into the fiery pit in toy story 3 and i do all i can to get out of the VW beetle when i realize that the muddy ground is no more than the side of a manatee, except that it is brown. enormous body, he has a relatively small head. i can see his lips trying to eat or say something in the language of manatees which i not only don’t speak, but don’t understand. so i take position to see him from the front. well. to my surprise he is really not a manatee but a very small rhinoceros which comes to me with flying elephant years. i do not feel threatened and tell those around me what a riot it is to think you are face to face with a manatee when in reality, you have encountered the smallest rhinefant.


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