the business email

Posted: August 4, 2010 in Uncategorized

she came into my office and claimed the acrylic chair closest to the window. her legs were comfortable apart and she looked me straight in the eyes. so are you going to charge me every time i fuck up. there was no other way to put, right? i had charged her for the error – all 235.00 smackaroos. because it wasn’t like a simple almost unavoidable mistake, it was more like a gargantuan fuck up, like the order was in the right box she read it and she put the wrong screen on the machine, so that she printed all of the blankets with a church picture, instead of the military college’s logo. it was shit, right and she said so herself.  but i loved her for her straight forward approach to her small catastrophe. if i were going to charge her for all her errors, then she needed to go back to working at the bar. so i explain that charging her wasn’t punishment but actual reimbursement for my real loss. I had to replace the fucking blankets. and i am hating the whole thing because i hate to argue over 235. 00 when i know she doesn’t have much money and i do.  but i figure if she can’t be conscious during work, then i have to wake her up. so i told her i was impressed that she had been so professional about the whole thing. it was true. i didn’t have to tell her that but i wanted to give her something.  then last week both her grandmother who was really old and her ex-partner who was not even 40 go and die on the same fucking day! what are the odds, right. i saw her seating on the sidewalk by her grape color car with he pussy decal on the side and she was crying. i didn’t go over because what could i do, right. plus women that are crying make me very uncomfortable because it is like they just want to fucking cry and no reasoning brings them out that shitty wet spell.  she left and they told me she wouldn’t be back for a while this morning I had the most formal email in my box. references to the bereavement clause in our manual and some other shit. it was so business like that i don’t know what she was trying to say. i forwarded it to the rh lisa. she is fucking persistent enough to figure out what my one compliment-happy employee meant  to say.


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