cheap panties

Posted: August 3, 2010 in Uncategorized
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i have been laughing a lot with my husband. it is not that he is funny because he is not. his funnies are thought through like a tough shit coming out.  but, funny is funny: shit is shit.  i guess it is the freedom that comes from not having any sex at all. you neither wait for it, nor you are waited upon. you get up, shower, eat, laugh,  read, work, shower more, fart kiss lightly on the lips but you never have any sex.   he did lose all my white panties and preserved the colorful ones. go fucking figure.  must have put them in the trash bin and not the hamper on a given  laundry day.  i bought a bunch more . they look cheap. they are cheap. but they are only meant to contain flesh, hair and the occasional fluid. they are not meant to entice or invite.  they are ungodly pink. the pattern is absolutely boring. fucked up. they serve well. coarse, matching nothing. a dollar a pop.  they are way more comfortable than all of the lacy shit i wore for years. it makes a lot of sense. the lacy stuff never stayed on for long, it never was comfortable. the pink stuff stays on  for as long as i don’t have to pee.


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