writing, like fishing

Posted: July 25, 2010 in Uncategorized

she asked me why i had to write.

I was surprised. it is like fishing, i said. we look at each other knowing that we are immovable on this one. maybe she thinks the writing is morbid. maybe she knows that the writing is morbid. i do not fathom spending a great deal of time trying to fucking kill a fish that I have to smell, touch, clean AND to add insult to injury: cook it – if I want to eat it.  so, why the hell not to write.  thoughts are pretty cool company.  playing a delicious song over and over, or at least being really happy when the cd in the car finally gets to track 7 gracias a la vida and you know every note,  each breathing break of the song. just like that i can write about gilbert in my mind and karen and linda and kilye and ben.  just like that – no cooking required.


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