a case of pleasure

Posted: July 25, 2010 in Uncategorized

my friend karen bulova buys lottery tickets. my employee tina boaghams spends more than fifty bucks a week on lottery tickets. karen goes to gas stations and convenience stores that sell such and spends, 5 or 10 bucks on the possibility of clearing 73 million dollars, or 156 million dollars.  She doesn’t buy a ticket when the outcome is less than 10 million. Not worthy, she says.  And so she dreams of having enough money to go around her entire family (which is pretty big) , her student loans, buy a house, buy a car other than her truck and so on… she says she would give me 1 thousand bucks. When you think of it, that’s really petty.  If you get anything more than 10 million, after you paid the taxes on it, you still have a lot of dough and a thousand bucks is like nothing. maybe I should ask for my steaks back. the new tire when she went to clafflin college and i couldn’t bear the thought of her having a crash. kevin complains about tina’s lottery habit but she is adamant. about her friday night drunks too. she is not going out of this life without those. 

i plan. i think of what i need and i sock money away. slowly. without counting it for a while because i know that the pile is not going to grow really fast.  a bit like taking blood.  a small amount at a time. then your body replenishes itself. when i think it is ok,  i take a count: 40% of the way to a new roof. pretty fucking awesome. the piles i aim for are around 8 thousand, sometimes a 20 thousand pile rears its head.  it just takes a little longer.  i love it. when i write the check for eight thousand five hundred and thirty-four dollars i know three things for certain: I paid up the guy that installed the new machine, two: my bank account has been drastically shrunk and three: i didn’t win de lottery.  i am pleased  however: that i can plan, set out to do it, and do it. it’ awesome.  if i were to buy the lottery ticket, my head would see nothing but the 5 dollars that were in my pocket and  now they are in the hands of the uneducated disagreeable looking attendant. for naught, mind you.  so I seek my counsel, feeling  more solid, happier and superior. Hey if karen wins i still get a thousand bucks.


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